Green List

What is the Green List?

A Sustainability Standard for nature conservation

Why do we need a ‘Green List’?

‘Green List’ protected and conserved areas

Measuring success in more than just size

Recognition of fair and effective results

Governance of the IUCN Green List Programme

Oversees the review and maintenance of the IUCN Green List Standard and its adaptations, for admitting sites that achieve the Standard to the IUCN Green List, and for decisions relating to the ongoing inclusion of sites on the IUCN Green List.

Kathy MacKinnon

Chair, World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA)

Kristen Walker

Chair, Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy (CEESP); Managing Director/ SVP, Policy Centre for Environment and Peace at Conservation International

Peter Cochrane

Consultant (conservation and sustainability); Director of three not - for - profit companies (Tangaroa Blue Foundation, Ecotourism Australia, Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute)

Charlotte Karibuhoye

WCPA Regional Vice Chair, West and Central Africa; Director, West Africa Programme , MAVA Foundation

Vinod Mathur

WCPA Regional Vice Chair , South Asia; Director, Wildlife Institute of India, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India

Christophe Lefebvre

Ocean Adviser - French Agency for Biodiversity, Ministry of Environment, Government of France

Erika Stanciu

Executive Director - ProPark Foundation for Protected Areas

Nikita (Nik) Lopoukhine

National Advisory Panel, Conservation 2020, Ministerial Appointment, Government of Canada; Board Member - Wildlands Network , and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

Avecita Chicchón

Program Director, Andes - Amazon Initiative, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Stephen Woodley

WCPA Vice Chair, Science and Biodiversity

Sandra Valenzuela

Director of Programmes, WWF Colombia

Leads the consultation and review to update the Standard, to ensure it reflects current scientific and technical best practice and remains relevant.

Provides technical review of any adaptations of the Generic Indicators proposed by EAGLs in participating Green List jurisdictions and makes recommendations to the Green List Committee for approval.

Stephen Woodley (Co-Chair)

WCPA Vice Chair for Science and Biodiversity; Co-Chair WCPA-Species Survival Commission (SSC) Joint Task Force on Biodiversity and Protected Areas

Sandra Valenzuela (Co-Chair)

Director of Programmes, WWF Colombia

Marc Hockings

WCPA Vice Chair for Science and Management; Chair, WCPA Green List Specialist Groupl; Emeritus Professor, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, The University of Queensland

Ruchi Badola

Wildlife Institute of India, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India

Bastian Bertzky

Biodiversity Specialist, Joint Research Centre, European Commission

Bebiniaina Liliane Parany

Madagascar National Parks Association, Ministry of the Environment, Ecology, the Sea and Forests

Etotepe A. Sogbohossou

Professor, Laboratory of Applied Ecology, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Abomey-Calav, Benin

Sue Wells

Marine conservation consultant

Joanne Wilson

Senior Policy Officer - Interagency Liaison, New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service, Government of New South Wales, Australia

Beatrice Chataigner

Programme Officer, IUCN Green List, Eastern and Southern Africa Office, IUCN

Natasha Ali

Programme Officer, Protected Areas Information and Policy , Global Protected Areas Programme, IUCN

Oversees the strategic development and management of the IUCN Green List Programme, and ensures it achieves and maintains compliance with ISEAL Codes of Good Practice for standard-setting, assurance and impact assessment.


Jane Smart OBE (Chair)

Global Director, IUCN Biodiversity Conservation Group (ex officio member)

Trevor Sandwith (Deputy Chair)

Director, Global Protected Areas Programme (GPAP), IUCN (ex officio member)

James Hardcastle

GPAP Programme Lead for the IUCN Green List, IUCN (ex officio member)

Tim Badman

Director, World Heritage Programme, IUCN (ex officio member)

Giulia Carbone

Deputy Director, Business & Biodiversity Programme, IUCN (role: expert in Sustainability Standards & ISEAL Code)

Boris Erg

Regional Director, Eastern Europe and Central Asia Regional Office, IUCN (role: regional Secretariat perspective)

Ricardo Tejada

Director, Global Communications Unit (role: expert in Communications)

Julia Miranda Londoño

WCPA Deputy Chair or Nominee (ex officio member); Director General, Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia, Govt. of Colombia

Marc Hockings

WCPA Vice Chair, Science and Management; WCPA Chair, Green List Specialist Group; Emeritus Professor, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, The University of Queensland (role: WCPA expert on the IUCN Green List programme)

Madhu Rao

Senior Advisor, Wildlife Conservation Society

Rili Djohani

Executive Director, Coral Triangle Centre (role: WCPA expert on marine specialisation)

Elizabeth Bennett

Vice President for Species Conservation, Wildlife Conservation Society (role: SSC Nominee)

John Tayleur

Head of the Conserved Land and Seascapes Programme, UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre

Serves as the Secretariat for the IUCN Green List and implements the Programme, acting upon decisions taken by the Management Committee.

Deviah Aiama

Global – Implementation, User Manual, and Ops Team Focal Point

Stephanie Arellano

South America region

Marnie Bammert

ASI – Assurance, Training and User Manual focal point

Paula Bueno


Elva Ivonne Bustamante


Beatrice Chataigner

Eastern & Southern Africa region

Jose Courrau

Mexico, Central America & Caribbean, Costa Rica, and BIOPAMA

Carla Danelutti

Mediterranean: Italy & Spain

Youssouph Diedhiou

West & Central Africa region

Hany El Shaer

West Asia

Michael Esgro


Roman Eyholzer


Catarina Ferreira

European Union

Marie Fischborn

Global - PANORAMA focal point

Tova Handelman


James Hardcastle

Global – Implementation, User Manual and Fundraising Focal Point

Young Heo Hag

Korea National Park Service, KNPS

Marc Hockings

Australia; WCPA Implementation; and WCPA Green List Specialist Focal Point

Sandra Isola


Wenjia Jin


Jenny Kelleher

Global – Governance; and Georgia; Focal Point

Minsun Kim

Asia Regional Office-Bangkok

Thierry Lefebvre

France and Knowledge Management

Maher Mahjoub

Mediterranean: North Africa

Geoffroy Mauvais

Africa – Capacity Development Focal Point

Viviana Moreno


Tu Nguyenduc


Elena Osipova

Global - World Heritage Focal Point

Scott Perkin

Asia Regional Office-Bangkok

Trevor Sandwith

Global - IUCN Protected Areas Director, Management Committee Deputy Chair

Nadine Seleem

Global – Communications, COMPASS and implementations support

Jin Hao Tan


Claudia Vega


Cheng Zhang

China and Asia Region

Yan Zhang


Maria Moreno de Los Ríos

Amazon Region - SUR Regional Office

Khalid Pasha

Bhutan Focal Point

Elyrice Alim

Malaysia - WWF

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