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Posted Friday 10 February 2023
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IUCN Asia Regional Office and UK OCPP (Ocean Country Partnership Programme) in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology (Govt. of Maldives) organized a joint workshop, in Malé on 25Januaru  2023, on MPA Management and IUCN Green List Feasibility Assessment Validation.

 Stakeholder’s engaged in protected areas across the Maldives gathered to discuss the Marine Protected Areas (MPA) management framework for the Maldives and how the IUCN Green List Standard is applicable to the protected and conserved areas (PCAs) in Maldives. IUCN Green List Feasibility study findings were presented. The goal of this study is to ensure that the Green List is utilised in the most effective way by providing a clear understanding of the local context around PCAs in the Maldives.

The findings of this report indicate a need to strengthen the management of PCAs in the Maldives. Though there is a robust legal framework for protected areas, the policy and governance surrounding PCAs requires further development. Despite 79 designate protected areas and push for development of OECMs networks, active PCA management is limited to five areas. Therefore, exists significant scope to utilise the Green List Standard as a tool for assisting PCA management from the national to local scale.

Ms Muhusina Abdul Rahman, senior conservation officer at the Ministry for Environment Climate Change and Technology, discussed a desire for the Ministry to incorporate the Green List Standard as they seek to further develop the management framework for PCAs. She also hoped that the country could formally enter the Green List Programme as a new jurisdiction along with an application from three sites seeking to achieve the Green List Standard.

Her Excellency Shauna Aminath, The Minister of Environment, Government of Maldives during her speech at the closing ceremony emphasized on the adoption of the Green List Standards for PCAs in Maldives. Present on the occasion was also the Her Excellency Caron Röhsler the British High Commissioner to Maldives. She released the PAME Assessment Report based on the work carried out by OCPP team.

Maldives is a HAC member and committed to the The Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (also referred as post-2020 GBF) agreed during the CBD COP15

The adoption of the IUCN Green List Standard will assist directly in contributing towards post-2020 GBF Target 3 (30×30 agenda). as a diagnostic tool for analysing PCAs can identify and assessing the gaps and challenges as well as areas for investment of resources and enhancing capacity. This will also help the to enhance the PCA network across the country.

Picture Credit: Ahmed Shan

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