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Protected Area Solutions for Biodiversity and Climate Change

Achieving quality elements of Aichi Target 11 to support implementation of the CBD Strategic Plan 2011 to 2020 and the Programme of Work on Protected Areas

Project Description

Key Facts

Objectives Summary

National policies

Improved policies in each country that clearly articulate recognition of more diverse PA governance options and better accountability  as evidenced by demonstrated improvements in measurable criteria for “equitable management” in at least 2 PAs per country;

PA Values

Positive impacts on the long-term conservation of PA values through improved management effectiveness, including and beyond the two sites per country, with documented trends in achieving thresholds for successful biodiversity conservation outcomes across the PA system;

Biodiversity and climate change

PAs beyond boundaries: project interventions in at least 2 PAs per partner country have a broader positive impact on the role of the national PA system, through demonstrating the broader contribution of PAs to biodiversity conservation outcomes; ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change; security of provision of ecosystem services for productivity in surrounding landscapes, and diverse contributions to social and economic development;

Efficiency of investments in PA

The project will increase the efficiency of public and private investment in PA systems, through expanding and diversifying governance, recognising the contributions of PAs and conserved areas to national development priorities and production landscapes/seascapes.;

Performance improvements

The project will encourage the uptake of tools and methodologies that better encourage and promote improvement, development and progress in performance by PAs within the national system. The adoption of the IUCN Green List of Protected Areas standards as a peer networking tool and motivational benchmark for successful PA outcomes will help scale-up project impacts across the PA system.

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