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IUCN Green List Training for Lao PDR Protected Area Managers

Posted Monday 03 July 2023
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A training on the implementation of IUCN Green List Standards for site assessment was organized from 20-23 of February 2023 at the Nakai Nam Theun National Park office in Lao PDR. In total 30 personnel (18 male and 12 female) from two sites, Hin Nam No National Park and Nakai-Nam Theun National Park, participated in this training. The training was provided by Mr Tu Nguyen Duc, Biodiversity Coordinator, IUCN Vietnam and Mr. Wenwei Xia, IUCN Green List Reviewer, Assurance Services International (ASI).  Nam Theun Hydro Power Company Limited (NTPC) funded the training session under the Nakai Nam Theun Green List Project.

Prior to the training an independent consultant carried out an assessment of the sites against the Green List Standards. The identified gaps under the four components of the Green List were analysed and reported. The IUCN Green List Gap Analysis report serves as a reference and guidance tool for the sites.

The objective of the training was to familiarise the site managers, supporting staff and site mentors with IUCN Green List Standard, User Manual’s rules and procedures as well as the IUCN Green List COMPASS online platform, which is used to submit site data and relevant information. The other important aspect of the training was to guide the participants on collecting evidence to achieve the compliance needed for the desired level for each of the Green List Criteria.

This training was instrumental in raising awareness on the Green List framework and develop a good understanding for navigating through the COMPASS platform.

The participants also received an introductory training on the PANORAMA platform and case examples of full solution shared to show what is needed for building a full PANORAMA Solution. In PANORAMA, solutions are defined as specific, applied examples of successful processes or approaches that address challenges to nature conservation and sustainable development. Solutions can be entire project interventions or particular aspects of a project or approach.

The key steps discussed for moving the Green List forward in Lao PDR, especially in the two participating sites were:

  • Review of the two selected sites to ensure that they meet the Green List Applicant criteria;
  • To be approved as Green List Applicant sites, move on to the Candidate Phase to complete the full site review and submit this to the EAGLs (Expert Assessment Group for the Green List) for further process of getting Green List Approved.
  • Developing a workplan / action plan based on the identified gaps for improving and scaling up the management and governance within the site to desired Green List Criteria levels.

This training has helped to build the momentum for the Green List implementation in Laos and neighbouring countries, like Cambodia and Thailand, where the Green List is yet to be in operation nationally.

For more information please contact: Head of Office, IUCN Lao PDR Species and PA Programme Coordinator, IUCN Lao PDR Programme Coordination

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