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Setting performance thresholds for natural values within the IUCN Green List

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Project Description

As part of this project, we are asking Green Listed and candidate sites to indicate whether they would be willing to allow the project team to explore the thresholds developed as part of their Green List application. Participation is entirely voluntary and site data will be kept confidential. No additional action would be required by sites other than to provide their consent for their data to be included in the review. At the initial stage, we would be asking sites to indicate whether they would like to be involved, would prefer not to be involved or would like additional information before deciding whether to participate.

The goal of the project is to understand the challenges associated with setting performance thresholds and to draw general lessons from the performance thresholds already developed by sites. This requires information from a wide range of sites in different contexts. Therefore, the data will not be used at the level of individual sites, but aggregated across sites based on types of values and management contexts. The goal is not to critique the thresholds developed but to help inform general guidelines.

The guidelines developed by this project will be of immediate value to candidate sites undergoing the Green Listing process. However, these guidelines may also assist currently listed sites to refine the performance thresholds they have developed when reapplying for Green List status. Several sites have indicated that participation has helped refine their internal management practices. There will also be opportunities for sites to seek direct feedback from the project team as a result of the project.

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