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Longwanqun National Forest Park

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Pilot Site

This site is undergoing the renewal of its IUCN Green List Certification

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Marine Protected Area

Governance Type
Government-delegated management

Site Manager
Chenxi Que

EAGL Chair
Keping Ma

ASI Reviewer
Matthew Durnin

Site Summary

The protected area’s geographical coordinates is 126°13’55″E-126°32’02″E,42°16’20″N-42°26’57″N, covers 15,061 hectares, This area is to maintain the core to protect the value of long-term preservation, certificated by the experts and approval by the State Forestry Administration, belong to the jurisdiction of Huinan Forest Management Bureau.

A site of valuable ecological processes and services possesses, with high Diversity biodiversity values, high protected Area typical geological and geomorphological values, high landscape resource value, a site of national and global conservation value and uniqueness. A large number of crater lakes of protected area, concentrating distribution, the most biggest volcano lake group and the maximum density Maar lake group in the world, with regional and national conservation value and uniqueness of protected area, various wetlands.

Longwan volcanic lakes wetlands are the main water supply area to the source of the Huifa River, the upstream of Songhua River, it plays an important role in adjusting the upper of the Songhua River Water flow distribution and the balance of water resources, and it is important for the ecosystem and economic development of the basin.

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IUCN Green List
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