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Shaanxi Changqing National Nature Reserve

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Matthew Durnin

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Changqing National Naure Reserve was was established in 1994 as a provincial nature reserve, and was promoted to a national-level nature reserve in 1995. It is located in the southern Luyang County of the Qinling Mountains. It is a wild animal type protected area mainly for the protection of giant pandas, with a total area of 29,906 hectares and a forest coverage rate of 97.46%, The altitude is between 800-3071 meters.

There are more than 2100 species of higher plants in the area. There are two kinds of national first-class protected plants, yew and unicorn, and ten kinds of second-class protected plants. There are 62 species of wildlife under national key protection, of which there are 10 species of giant pandas, golden monkeys, takin, tadpoles, forest musk deer, leopards, golden eagles, white-shouldered eagles, Chinese gannets, and black storks; the secondary ones include black bears and impala , Red-bellied horned owl, big cockles and other 52 species.


“The IUCN Green List is the only global standard for measuring the best management of protected areas. Joining the Green List can gain more international recognition and support.We will further improve the protection management system, innovate protection management measures, and become a model of green list protected area management.”

Zhang Shechao, Director, Changqing National Nature Reserve Administration
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