Green List
Global Standard

Version 1.1 – Approved Nov. 2017

Globally Applicable Standard

Globally Consistent, Locally Relevant

Components, Criteria & Indicators

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How Does It Work?

Application Phase

  • Commit to achieve the Standard.
  • Identity stakeholder and supporters.
  • Provide a self-assessment.
  • Pass an evaluation and eligibility check.

Candidate Phase

  • Provide relevant evidence against all criteria.
  • Consult with stakeholders.
  • Receive a site visit.
  • Pass an evaluation and Reviewer check.

Green List Phase

  • Admitted by the independent IUCN Green List Committee.
  • Pass a mid-term review.
  • Address concerns and alerts that arise.
  • Pass a 5-year renewal review.

Benefits / Impact of the Standard

Direct results

  • Improved capacity and exchange among peer networks of conservation experts and practitioners.
  • The IUCN Green List implementation and evaluation process identifies pathways and targets for action to achieve conservation success.
  • The IUCN Green List Programme certifies, celebrates and promotes protected and conserved areas that are effectively and fairly achieving their conservation goals.

Intermediate Results

  • Growing recognition and support for protected and conserved areas through an effective area-based conservation standard.
  • More effective targeting and use of resources to achieve enhanced conservation impacts.
  • Value for managers, communities, partners, stakeholders.
  • Value for governing agencies, donors, investors, sponsors.

Long-term result

  • Increasing global area of well-designed, fairly governed, and effectively managed protected and conserved areas achieving their intended objectives, and contributing to global sustainability goals.
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IUCN Green List

IUCN Green List
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