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COVID-19 recovery for IUCN Green List protected and conserved areas:

Global guidance and site-based support in Peru, and Viet Nam

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Solutions in Focus: Sustainable Tourism in Protected and Conserved Areas

PANORAMA Solutions


What should sustainable tourism in Protected and Conserved Areas look like in a Post-COVID world? Discover existing good practices and solutions from Africa, Asia and Latin America. This publication takes the reader on a trip to amazing destinations, where local actors have implemented truly inspiring solutions that can demonstrate the development of resilient forms of tourism.


Sustainable Tourism in Protected and Conserved Areas: COVID-19 Impacts and Recovery

White paper, December 2022


This white paper provides a brief synthesis of various components of the Sustainable Tourism and Protected Areas in a Post-COVID World project focused on sustainable tourism in PCAs including community benefits, tourism management, and post-COVID-19 recovery. It provides high-level practical recommendations towards achieving a sustainable nature-based tourism recovery process into the future.


Virtual Tourism in Protected and Conserved Ares



Virtual tourism grew rapidly during the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions as an alternative to in-person travel and has been on the rise ever since as an innovative marketing and engagement strategy in the tourism sector. Following this trend, many protected and conserved areas (PCAs) have developed a variety of virtual solutions to promote their destinations and educate about conservation needs.


Tourism and Disease Risk Management in Protected and Conserved Areas

Policy Brief


As an overarching strategy, policy-makers from tourism, health and conservation sectors at all levels are urged to embrace the One Health approach, involving communication, coordination, collaboration and capacity building, to address risks that originate at the animal–human–ecosystem interface in and around PCAs. It also calls for the creation and support of suitable conditions for the development of more sustainable forms of tourism in PCAs. In the framework of this approach, a series of recommendations in order of priority are highlighted in this brief for different levels of policy-making and implementation.


One Health principles for sustainable tourism in protected and conserved areas

Accompanying principles to the guidelines for prevention, detection, response and recovery from disease risks in and around protected and conserved areas


The wide-reaching effects of the COVID-19 pandemic caused serious health and economic consequences across communities and ecosystems. One key message made clear is that sustainability must be a leading priority across all sectors to ensure a healthy and safe future. This report presents six core principles with practical strategies for the tourism industry stakeholders in PCAs on how to reduce risks and increase resilience toward a more sustainable tourism model in line with a One Health approach. They are intentionally broad, allowing for use and adaptation in any PCA context.

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